First Quarter - Year One

First Quarter of the year and the United Kingdom has a new government and Prime Minister. Quentin Lee is a little known politician who now finds himself at the helm of a country in financial crises.

The country is saddled with a deficit of over £11bn a quarter, rising crime, an asthma epidemic and an uncompetitive economy. His first move is to organise his cabinet:

Chancellor of the Exchequer is Mr Elmer Williams
Foreign Secretary is Mr Tommy Morgan
Home Secretary is Mrs Brenda Foster
Welfare Minister is Mr Ruben Bailey
Minister for Industry is Ms Theresa James
Public Services Minister is Mrs Tonya Turner
Transport Minister is Mr Donald Perry

The true nature of the task soon became apparent at the first cabinet meeting in Downing Street. There was a real need to bring the deficit down, and to bring crime under control. There were vigilante groups forming in towns and cities across the country, and to add to the urgency, there was a doctors strike to resolve.

There was not a lot of room for t…
I have often wondered if I could run a simulated world, using off the shelf video games to make an narrative of an alternative timeline. Using the game mechanics of the games to write a narrative of world events.

The purpose of this blog is to record this adventure.

I am using democracy 3 as the political simulation for the country. I am no expert on this game, so this will likely end in failure at some point. Each turn of Democracy 3 represents three months. Therefore, I will need to fit this in with the other simulations I am using.

For any conflicts or other military matters that need simulating, I will be using Command: Modern Air/Naval Ops.

So the first two games should cover politics and warfare, next I will move onto sport. This should be able to flesh out the world a little more.
Clearly, Football will be represented, and for this I will use the venerable Football Manager franchise:

This will add its own drama to the world whilst the slow turning political aspect moves along.