First Quarter - Year One

First Quarter of the year and the United Kingdom has a new government and Prime Minister. Quentin Lee is a little known politician who now finds himself at the helm of a country in financial crises.

The country is saddled with a deficit of over £11bn a quarter, rising crime, an asthma epidemic and an uncompetitive economy. His first move is to organise his cabinet:

Chancellor of the Exchequer is Mr Elmer Williams
Foreign Secretary is Mr Tommy Morgan
Home Secretary is Mrs Brenda Foster
Welfare Minister is Mr Ruben Bailey
Minister for Industry is Ms Theresa James
Public Services Minister is Mrs Tonya Turner
Transport Minister is Mr Donald Perry

The true nature of the task soon became apparent at the first cabinet meeting in Downing Street. There was a real need to bring the deficit down, and to bring crime under control. There were vigilante groups forming in towns and cities across the country, and to add to the urgency, there was a doctors strike to resolve.

There was not a lot of room for the cabinet to manoeuvre. Income tax accounted for 51% of the national income raising nearly £150 bn each quarter, To raise the income tax further would be political suicide, particularly with middle income voters who were feeling the squeeze.

During the initial meeting, the cabinet agreed the following policy implementation:

1. Introduction and funding a Witness Protection programme which would encourage witnesses to come forward and may reduce crime as a result.
2. Technology Grants to businesses - the first step in modernising the British workplace
3. Technology Colleges - another step in training and modernising the workforce
4. Cycling campaign - encouraging the public to get on their bike - with the knock on effect of reducing carbon emissions and potentially reducing the asthma epidemic.

Meanwhile in Parliament there was a fierce debate over the introduction of additional Stop and Search powers for the police. The Prime Minister himself intervened directly in the debate, urging that the bill should not be introduced because it would simply harm the standing of the police within the communities they served. The motion was defeated and the new law was not introduced. Meanwhile, the global economy took a downturn, which caused the projected national deficit to rise to over £16bn each quarter.

The Labour party leader, Mr Bob Morris, pointed out at Prime Ministers Questions that the implementation of the four maiden policies introduced by the government did nothing than add to the burden on the exchequer.

Meanwhile news organisations interviewed key voters about the new policies implemented by the fledgling administration:

Dan Pulford, the CEO of a start up computer games company - Future Games, the makers of the surprise computer game hit Turbo Racing (data courtesy of Game Dev Tycoon) welcomed the investment in technology for business and training for people entering the job market. " trying to find people with the right tech skills is quite a challenge at the moment, and the government initiative can only be a good thing " he said.

Meanwhile, sources claiming to be close to the Prime Minister seemed to suggest that savings would have to be found from somewhere, and the military budget was ripe for the picking.



International Professional Boxing Organization results:

Super Lightweight Undercard Match - Ryota Kuribara defeated Adriano Simoes by KO(Cross) in 1:51 of Round 8.

Super Welterweight Undercard Match - Xavier Canales defeated Mark Pitt by Unanimous Decision in 3:00 of Round 8.

Featherweight Co-Main Event - Jerzy Albescu defeated Gualberto Paredes by KO(Uppercut) in 2:33 of Round 7.

Middleweight Championship Match - Shinji Uezumi defeated Navid Al-Bishi by Unanimous Decision in 3:00 of Round 12.

To be continued.


  1. The new PM Quentin Lee as is work cut out. I do hope he is upto the task!

  2. I am not too confident that the current administration and prime minister will be a great success. They certainly have their backs against the wall. The game is called Democracy 3.


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