International News - Phoenix Park on state visit to Argentina

People’s Democratic Republic leader, Phoenix Park, left this morning bound for a good will visit to Argentina.
Before leaving, she made a short statement to waiting reporters “I hope this visit will firmly cement the strong bond between our two peoples. We have much in common, we have both stood against Colonialism, we are both looking to continue our own forward momentum in self determination. 
We have both much to look forward to, and much to learn from each other.
It is with this spirit of kinship that I fly to Buenos Aires. It is with this spirit of destiny that I bring to our hosts. It is our time, our destiny is in our own hands.”
She smiled and boarded the plane. Her visit is planned to last three days.

International News - United States sees leap in new voters

The United States of America has seen voters continue to register in historic numbers, shattering records for first-time voters in many states.
Presidential hopefuls Tawfeek and Horowitz were also busy, keen to impress the new voters.
Nathaniel Tawfeek attended the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in Missouri, clearly keen to emulate Ronald Reagan and his support from moderate evangelicals.
Meanwhile, Peyton Horowitz visited troops at a training base in the US.  During the visit she told waiting reporters that she will be strong on defence, and was looking forward to meeting Albian Special Envoy Alejandro Cortez.

WCN Sports - De Sousa buying United

Lukas De Sousa is the toast of Midchester this afternoon after he spoke with WCN sports reporter Tom Tomkins. He was asked if he was the buyer of the club as hinted by Midchester manager Jack Curtiss this morning.
De Sousa who, it must be said, was looking quite chipper when our reporter disturbed his morning stroll beamed a startling smile before saying:
Yes I am Tom. I’m very proud to be the new owner of a club I have supported my whole life. It’s a dream come true. I intend to take Midchester United to new heights.”
Car horns were heard throughout the town at the news.
At last some good news for the club” said lifelong fan George Tillbutt “Lukas is our boy, one of us, and he will sort things out for club
It remains to be seen if local hero De Sousa will splash the cash in the close season. Regardless, he is the talk of the town today!

Jack Curtiss says a buyer has been found - Midchester United

Jack Curtiss has confirmed a buyer has been identified for Midchester United. Although Curtiss would not name the prospective owner, he told reporters that if the bid was successful, the clubs future would be secure.
The smart money is on Lukas De Sousa stepping in to take control.
The football season is over this year, with United struggling to find form. The new season begins in September.

WCN Gossip News - Elias Gorr marries

Elias E.Gorr has recently wed his new bride. They are both to live happily at the gamekeepers lodge at castle Slogar. Lord Slogar made a long toast at the wedding wishing the loyal groom and blushing bride “a long and happy marriage”.Conspicuous by her absence was the disinherited daughter, Melissa Slogar. Current Gossip is that Grogar Slogar, the nephew of Lord Slogar is now in line for the title and inheritance.

Slogar Invitational Tennis Cup - Stephens favourite

John Stephens is favourite to win the inaugural Slogar Invitational Tennis Cup which is set to begin in March. Sixteen of Albians top tennis players are set to compete.
Number 2 seed, George Brady, will no doubt seek to prove the pundits wrong in what is expected to be a fabulous display of tennis. 
No 2 seed - George Brady

The matches will be televised so fans unable to get a ticket can keep up with the best games.

Cody Murray Appointed Foreign Secretary

The Prime Minister’s press Secretary announced the appointment this morning.
Cody Murray is the CEO of Murray International, and known for his egregious misuse of statistics in debates. Murray lives in Albian City and is a big supporter of the cricket federation and was instrumental in setting up the current regional competition.
He will likely receive £50,000 annual salary for his new job.
He has some big decisions to make, the current strained relationship with the People’s Democratic Republic, and ‘supporting’ which candidate in the US Presidential race being key.
Has Hopkins chosen the right man for the job?   Only time will tell.